CARET ACADS offer many certification and training courses for professionals, researchers and students involved in electronic technologies. The courses are run through ‘Class-Room’ ‘Correspondence’ and ‘Online’ modes. Different research wings/sections of CARET organize these courses. Instructors train the students in both theoretical and practical aspects. Training on latest EDA tools is an integrated part of all the courses offered here. Currently conducted courses are described below.


This offers a series of preparatory courses of on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculums for pre-university students, i.e IX-XII grades, who wish to pursue their university studies in various branches of science and engineering.


Here, undergraduate students are taught various theoretical aspects of electronics and communication engineering which enable them to excel in GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Exams conducted nationally in India.

3.RF & Microwave Circuit Design (I &II):

This is a certification course offered in two parts namely I (passive circuit design) and II (active circuit design). This curriculum trains and engineer on all aspects of RF & microwave circuit design applicable in communication technology.

4.VLSI Circuit Design:

This course trains on the various techniques used in design of analog & digital integrated circuits. CMOS technology is the primary platform used.

5.VLSI/Digital System Design:

Different methodologies to design digital systems on FPGA/CPLD etc are taught here.

6.Embedded Systems Application Design:

This course provides an insight to design and develop various applications based on microcontrollers, PLCs, all RISC & CISC processors.

7.Fabrication & Layout Design:

The course tells about various fabrication technologies available and gives hands-on training on fabrication of different electronic circuits. Training on art work/Layout Design through available EDA tools is a part of this course.

8. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:

AI/ML and computational intelligence have become the need of the present day changes in every discipline of technology. Applications of these subjects with in the broad scope of electronics are taught in this course.